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Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

Topic: CDN

Company: Google

Website: https://cloud.google.com/cdn

Type: service

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Not enough users
Brings consistently great web and video experiences to users anywhere
Provides privacy and data security
Activates with a single click for Cloud Load Balancing users

Global distribution with anycast IP

With edge caches peered with nearly every major end-user ISP globally, Cloud CDN offers connectivity to more users everywhere. Thanks to anycast architecture, your site gets a single global IP address, combining consistent performance worldwide with easy management.
Optimized for last-mile performance

As a complement to Google Cloud’s high-performance private network, Cloud CDN supports modern protocols originally developed at Google, like HTTP/2 and QUIC, to improve site performance for mobile users and/or users in emerging markets.
Integrated with Google Cloud

Cloud CDN is tightly integrated with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging, providing detailed latency metrics out of the box, as well as raw HTTP request logs for deeper visibility. Logs can be exported into Cloud Storage and/or BigQuery for further analysis with just a few clicks.