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Topic: CDN

Website: https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn/

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Cloudflare is the world's leading CDN service provider. With a simple DNS setup you can use a free CDN service and keep your website completely protected from DDOS attacks.

A free account gives access to Defend against DDoS attacks, a global CDN and Web optimization to keep websites always available and online, and a web analytics tool that doesn't use cookies.

Static and Dynamic Content Delivery

Cloudflare supports millions of Internet properties, and intelligently routes content requests on its network along the fastest paths using Argo Smart Routing. Traffic can also be load balanced across multiple origins, using proximity and network latency to determine the most efficient destination for each request.

Highly Customizable CDN

Cloudflare lets you apply advanced control over how content is cached on its network. Page Rules let you specify particular behavior for individual URLs, including what gets cached and for how long. The Cloudflare Cache API lets customers have more control over how content is cached, and improves cache hit ratios with advanced routing and URL canonicalization.

Increased bandwidth savings

Caching content on Cloudflare's network reduces the number of requests to an origin by serving static content from a Cloudflare data center, minimizing bandwidth consumption.

Granular visibility into your cache

Get actionable insights into the caching of your website for a better cache-hit ratio and further drive down your bandwidth costs.

See exactly what resources on your website are cached and what aren’t. Make configuration changes to improve cache-hit ratios. Get dashboard views of your website performance based on the Requests served and data transfer to optimize for performance as well as cost-savings. Filter by hostnames, or see a list of top URLs that missed cache using intuitive drill-down graphs right from the dashboard.

The right CDN for video

Support for HTTP/3

Support for BYOIP

Tian Kong Tian Kong using Jan. 6, 2022

Perfect company, perfect service